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 Pegaso Chartering - The very best sailing in Puerto Vallarta

Pegaso Chartering is the original whale watching company, with over 18 years sailing the waters of the Banderas Bay, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our fleet of fully equipped sailboats satisfies every taste and our well-trained and well-experienced crew have consistently provided the best service, in order to make this sailing the best experience out of your stay at Puerto Vallarta.

We want you to come to enjoy the best that Puerto Vallarta has to offer on board our sailboats where you will have a chance to not only relax but also to have fun. We have a boat trip that is sure to make everyone in the family happy: from the quick and handy 4 hr. Whale Watching* to the more relaxed Marietas Snorkeling or the more complete Discover Yelapa. One of the most requested and therefore recommended tours in Puerto Vallarta is without question our very own Sunset Sailing Cruise.

Let us take you out there so you can see for yourself. We guarantee you will rate this the best day of your vacation! Please click on any of the buttons above to find out more.

You've just got to come and enjoy the best that Puerto Vallarta has to offer on board any of our sailboats where you will spend the day relaxing and having just such a great time that we guarantee you will rate this the best day of your vacation. The sunshine, the warm breeze, the natural beauty of the Banderas Bay waters... your favorite drink... all along with an efficient, experienced and friendly staff makes the perfect combination for a holiday that is sure to leave everlasting memories.

At Pegaso Chartering we have the experience and we know that we can take good care of all our valuable tourists: whether it is single individuals or couples, honeymooners, families and even groups up to 120 people. Even people on cruise ships get off the big one and come with us to sail and have the greatest time ever... and so should you!

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the best whale watching sunset sailing and snorkeling in puerto vallarta

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