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Terms and Conditions

All your tour reservations are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you read them thouroughly, as the only fact that you make a reservation online implies your full acceptance. We reserve the right to make changes any time without prior notice. Click on the subject that you would like to read about.

 Participant Guideline

1.- None of our tours have any restrictions.
2.- All our tours are safe and suitable even for pregnant women, those who tend to feel sea-sickness or the elderly.
3.- You are more than welcome to bring your camera, however, unless you can make sure it won't get wet, we might suggest you to better purchase one of our affordable Photo and Video Packages, this way you can leave your camera memory for that Malec�n, sunset or restaurant picture.
4.- Bring some money for gratuities, pier entrance fees and transportation back to your hotel.

 Reservations and Cancellation Policies

About Reservations

1.- All reservations are handled in the order that they are received, so please allow up to 24 hrs. to process your confirmation.
2.- Please allow your e-mail client program to receive e-mails from so you can get your confirmation. Still, you might have to look into your "Junk Mail" folder, as your confirmation e-mail might end up there.
3.- Guests MUST present e-mail print that includes confirmation code at the time of registration to be able to take the tour(s). Sorry, NO exceptions.
4.- Unpaid reservations are considered on stand-by. This means we reserve the right to provide the tour(s) booked only to those customers whose payment has been confirmed and cleared. Online reservations are considered confirmed only until fully paid in advance according to these Terms and Conditions.
5.- All tours leave rain or shine, unless official notification from authorities or causes of force majeur.
6.- All tour reservations are subject to cancellation without prior notice and are subject to the following,

Cancellation Policy

All reservations cancelled for any reasons beyond our control such as weather or changes in itineraries, pier for departure or any other unforeseen reason, are all subject to a 15% processing fee regardless of their time of booking. Also, in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel a confirmed reservation, you are subject to a penalty charge as follows:
- Reservations cancelled more than 15 days prior get 85% refund.
- Reservations cancelled within 14 to 5 days prior get 50% refund.
- Please allow 5 to 10 business days to complete your refund process.
No refunds will be given if the following events occur:
- Cancellation notice is received within 4 days prior.
- Failing to show up on time for your tour.
- Failing to provide e-mail print including confirmation code.
- Failing to provide proper I.D. confirming that the person booked is the person taking the tour, unless we are previously instructed otherwise.
Important recommendation:
It's in your best interest that you come to your tour in good physical condition, meaning you will probably NOT enjoy your tour(s) if you had too much party the night before. If you know you're coming to do some snorkeling and it's something that you're not used to but it requires some physical effort and you're hangover, you will probably get tired soon and might even get cramps from dehydration, so just keep this in mind if you're coming to sail with us.

 Privacy Policy

About Personal Information

We understand people's concern when it comes to personal information provided over the internet. Rest assured, we will NOT disclose, rent, sell or otherwise divulge any of that information. We have developed our reservations engine with a secure encrypted connection that you can trust (PayPal). We may use your e-mail address to occassionally send you promotions that you might be interested in, however, you can always opt-out the delivery list by clicking a link within that e-mail to stop receiving such promotions.

Why we ask where you are staying

We know you might find this intrusive but there are a few good reasons why we need to know where you will be staying and the first and most important is that we want to be able to set you up for departure from the nearest pier to your location. Also, sometimes is critical for us to be able to get a hold of you before and after you have taken any of our tours, as there may be sudden unexpected changes on itineraries. For example: during the summer months there's a higher chance of heavy rains and maybe even little storms and that is reason enough to force us to reschedule your tour for a few hours or even to the next day. Needless to say, we will need to make you aware because we would much rather take you out on a tour well done the next day than to just make it shorter and not give you your money's worth. This of course, provided you are to able to reschedule. So please, help us serve you better and let us know where to find you. We won't tell anyone.


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